[ /]# So, it has been a while since the Sysadmin page came alive again. Just some fun, maybe some dumb, maybe some smart, and sometimes it might give you a headstart.

I’m not really a Linux guru, actually a Microsoft system administrator, but in my homelab I have migrated all my solutions to Linux distros as virtuals on a (okay..) Microsoft Server 2019 environment with Hyper-V.

Next step would be to go for a Linux based hypervisor or something like Proxmox. Nah, I like Veeam too much. It really takes care of my backups and restores when needed…

So enjoy your stay on this part of the website, maybe my “unprofessional Linux tips” might help 😉

At some moment I became the new owner of a used 1000VA Smart UPS from APC. All it needed was
A lot of people running a homelab with a webserver, mailserver and more things, know the usage of a reverse
Once I have finished a videoproject, I would like to archive this on a big storage disk on my server.
It was time to take control... ntopng on pfsense is an old version. And I really hate those packages where