This website will keep you up-to-date about any audio/visual and new media projects that occur once in a while, and maybe (when it is interesting enough) some sysadmin adventures too.

Recent stuff

Veenman 100 years

“Could you create something exciting for our 100 year anniversary?” Give me a moment. Either good or nothing at all…

Playvision D-youth

It took a while because it ment to be just one clip, but eventually it became two. Playvision attack and defense now live at the YouTube channel of the Dutch Handball Federation.

Dual language website

August 2017 – To interact between the YouTube Soundtrack page and this website, it was obvious to enable dual language. Anders zou je het niet begrijpen… (Otherwise, you wouldn’t understand)

Strong Men Handball Bootcamp

December 2016 – The Dutch Handball Association (NHV) started a campaign to get more kids to play handball. The campaign is especially targeting on boys. With bootcamps dedicated for young boys, they try to convince them handball is not a girly game. And ofcourse, it isn’t… That’s why we recorded one of these bootcamps.